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I wrote the following to a friend who is now retired, but who worked for most of his life for the Austrian National Railroad (the ÖBB), an entity that has been strongly governed by socialist thinking. It therefore came as no surprise to me early on that my friend was completely governed by a socialist mindset (when I first got to know him about three years ago, he was reading some biography of Karl Marx!)

While this friend has never lived in luxury, his standard of living throughout his life and unto this day would most certainly be considered “luxury” by a good portion of the world population.

And, yet, my friend complains that he does not have enough (he thinks he should have more), and blames for this the evil, capitalist system.

My friend’s reason for blaming the evil, capitalist system for his allegedly „struggling-to-survive“ existence is that according to him, a bunch of greedy, rich guys have exploited „us“ by not turning over to „us“ more of their wealth (he believes that wealth should be more evenly distributed).

But my reason for why my friend is blaming capitalism is „envy“.

In all our discussions and arguments, I had thought some time back that I had finally convinced my friend that capitalism (in its classic sense) was not the problem. And that socialism was not the solution.

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However, recently, my friend has returned to his default position which is capitalism, bad; socialism, good. After a near-falling-out in our friendship recently, I have written to my friend the following email, which I want to share here.

Here now, my email –

Real and classic capitalism = free-markets

Free markets =…

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