Snowden’s intelligence leaks largest in US history: Congress

US intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden “has had and continues to have contact” with Russian intelligence services and his leaks were the largest public release of top-secret materials in US history, according to a newly declassified congressional report.

“Since Snowden’s arrival in Moscow, he has had, and continues to have, contact with Russian intelligence services,” according to the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee report released on Thursday.

The US Defense Department found 13 undisclosed “high risk” security issues caused by Snowden’s release to news organizations of tens of thousands of sensitive documents, the report said.

If Russia or China obtained access to information on eight of the 13 issues, “American troops will be at greater risk in any future conflict,” said the report, which was largely blacked out.

The report was released after a recent CIA assessment that alleges hackers working for Moscow influenced the US…

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