Snowden files expose US extrajudicial killings of Muslims: Analyst

Documents released by whistleblower Edward Snowden have exposed the US campaign of extrajudicial killings of Muslims, says an analyst.

The newly leaked documents show that the US National Security Agency has used a British military base to carry out “capture-kill operations” across the Middle East.

“The files reveal for the first time how the NSA has used the British base to aid a significant number of capture-kill operations across the Middle East and North Africa, fueled by powerful eavesdropping technology,” according to the revelations appeared in a report by online publication The Intercept.

The NSA has used the heavily guarded military facility at Menwith Hill in Yorkshire, northern England, the report showed.

“The [NSA] programs, with names such as GHOSTHUNTER and GHOSTWOLF, have provided support for conventional British and American military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan,” it added. “But they have also aided covert missions in countries…

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