Snoopers’ Charter clears first hurdle at UK parliament

A bill controversially extending British authorities’ reach into people’s private lives in the UK has cleared the first major hurdle facing it in the country’s lower house of parliament.

The House of Commons lent its blessing 281-15 to the Investigatory Powers Bill, derided as Snoopers’ Charter, on Tuesday.

In order for the bill to become law, it must now clear the House of Lords.

If passed into law, something many British politicians wish to happen by yearend, the measure would let law enforcement officials obtain a list of the websites, apps, and messaging services used by the people they deem to be suspects.

It stops short of providing a peek into the individual Internet pages someone has visited or the messages they have sent, but requires telecommunications companies to keep records of customers’ Web histories for up to a year.

As per the proposed law, the companies should also provide the authorities with access to suspects’ electronic…

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