Sinjar Mass Graves in Danger of Destruction; 197 Killed Across Iraq

Sinjar Mass Graves in Danger of Destruction; 197 Killed Across Iraq

Fighting between Iranian forces and Kurdish
guerrillas continued
near the Iraqi border, No cross-border casualties were reported, as occurred in
recent days, but two civilians were killed on
the Iranian side.

The High Committee of Recognizing Shingal Genocide said that it could take
three years for 30 known mass graves in the Sinjar (Shingal) area to be
unearthed, and the bodies reburied properly. In the meantime, they are trying
to keep them secure from dangers, both accidental and intentional.

At least 197 were killed and five more were wounded:

In Baghdad, a blast killed
one person and wounded five more
. Gunmen killed
three women and a six-year-old girl

Militants executed
four members
of the Shamar tribe in Sharqat.

In the final hours of fighting in Fallujah, about 117
militants were killed

Peshmerga forces killed
16 militants
in Kazak.

In Hit, 15
militants were killed
during a failed attack.

militants were killed
in a failed attack on forces in the Karbala

Airstrikes left three
militant leaders dead
in Hajj Ali. At least seven
other militants were killed

Security forces killed
eight suicide bombers
in Halabsa.

militants were killed
in an operation in Hit.

In Hardan, three
militants were killed

In Mosul, airstrikes left 2 senior militants

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