Sick of Planned Parenthood as #1 Women’s Issue

Louder With Crowder
May 23, 2018

Wake up Maggie, I think I’ve got something to say to you. Ok, so her name is Meghan and not Maggie. But whenever we have a Meghan McCain Goes All Honey Badger on The View post, I get Rod Stewart stuck in my head. Sue me.

The hens were cackling about this tweet:

After all, this was the same Trump administration that is planning on cutting Planned Parenthood funding. Through regulations. Like, actually do it and not just talk about it. The popular trope on the left is that women only care about what goes in or comes out of their lady bits. Or at least that’s what they should only care about. We’ve seen what happens when Female-Americans go off script (see Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards: White Women, This is Your Fault and ‘Feminist’ Tina Fey Shames White Women Who Voted Trump. Misses Huge Irony…).

A point that makes McCain sick. From Newsbusters:

“But again, a woman’s issue for me is terrorism. We’ve talked about this many times on the show. For me, my women’s issues are foreign policy, number one, two, three, four, five. But the idea that like, Planned Parenthood is the number one issue for women in America, all women…It’s just false and I’m sick of this!”

Looks like more and more women are starting to agree.

Democrats tend to look at ladies as walking vaginas. Maybe that’s why some ladies parade as walking vaginas. But ladies are much more than the sum of their parts. And they care about more issues than just sucking babies out of their bodies.

If McCain is right,…

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