Serving the Rich, Elite and Criminally Insane Capitalists: The Unsilencing of Intellect

One of the toughest things I’ve been facing is the bald-faced collective delusion of fellow Americans. From the rank and file social worker, to even the people I serve – homeless, street people, addicted, just out of prison – to the creeps at the top, like my own Oregon’s Phil Knight, Nike guy, all the way through to the politicians, bureaucrats, and those vaunted intellectuals. These delusions center around capitalism, the buy-sell world of service economies, deep into the transnational crap that is the under girder of America’s engines of the rich. Off-shoring, outsourcing, sweat-shopping, disruptive economies bigger in scope and power like those perverted MOABs dropped on humanity. Americans can’t see beyond the buy and sell, the debtor class, beyond mortgaging off futures, the unborn, and collective communities. America is about bankrupting cities, counties, retirement accounts, national and state commons.

America the Money Machine is about selling off everything, at any price.

Some see Trump as something new, some billionaire abomination. Others see their fellow Americans as lazy, daft, DNA warped, deserving of homelessness, near homelessness, poverty, childhood disease and delinquency and insanity. Moreover, it seems America is one giant Hollywood set, one big pack of pretend lies, all those rotten TV series, all that Netflix, all those reprobate media madmen setting the tone for this mass delusion, mass collective corruptible…

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