Self-fulfilling prophecy? Man with gun tattoo on face arrested for firearm possession (PHOTO) — RT US News

In an example of life imitating art, a South Carolina man with a handgun tattooed on his forehead has been charged with unlawfully carrying a fully-loaded revolver.

The Greenville Police Department have released a mugshot showing the suspect’s bizarre facial tattoo following his arrest on firearm charges.

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The photo displays Michael Vines’ distinctive handgun tattoo, with police commenting that the “mugshot matches the crime.”

Vines was arrested after a car crash at a junction near Green Avenue and Guess Street. According to police, Vines attempted to dispose of a fully-loaded Smith and Wesson revolver when Greenville firefighters attended the scene. The emergency services later alerted the authorities.

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“Vines has been charged with driving under a suspended license, driving too fast for conditions and unlawful carrying of a firearm,” authorities stated. “The real weapon was placed in property and evidence.”

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.