Save the ISIS Beatles! Britain against death penalty for terrorists, but will blow them up — RT UK News

Two members of the so-called ISIS Beatles are causing a political and hypocritical headache for Britain, with pesky political ethics getting in the way of attempts to organise a possible execution for them in the US.

Washington needs some snippets of evidence from London in order to have the bloodthirsty terrorists, formerly British citizens, extradited from Syria to face justice on US soil, and the possible death penalty.

The UK’s home secretary is happy to hand it over despite the risk of execution, but there was uproar from those who insist the death penalty is unacceptable under any circumstance – even if they are bad guys who filmed themselves flaying journalists and aid workers while speaking with a jaunty British accent.

Of course, if you’re against the official death penalty, there’s always a way around it, as ICYMI explains.

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.