Saudi Arabia elected to UN women’s rights commission

London Independent
April 25, 2017

Saudi Arabia has been elected to the UN women’s rights commission, prompting outrage from human rights groups.

The kingdom is now one of 45 countries sitting on a panel “promoting women’s rights, documenting the reality of women’s lives throughout the world, and shaping global standards on gender equality and the empowerment of women,” according to the UN.

The ultra-conservative Islamic kingdom has a state policy of gender segregation between men and women who are not related.

“Every Saudi woman must have a male guardian who makes all critical decisions on her behalf, controlling a woman’s life from her birth until death,” said Hillel Neuer, director of UN Watch. “Saudi Arabia also bans women from driving cars.

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This article was posted: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 7:51 am

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