Anti-Russia Propaganda From MI5: “Russia Poses Increasing Threat To UK”

Russia presents an ever-increasing threat to the stability of the United Kingdom, the director general of MI5, Andrew Parker, says.

And in order to achieve its goals, Russia is using all of the cutting-edge tools it has at its disposal, the MI5 chief, told the Guardian in an interview, part of which was released Monday.

“It is using its whole range of state organs and powers to push its foreign policy abroad in increasingly aggressive ways – involving propaganda, espionage, subversion and cyber-attacks. Russia is at work across Europe and in the UK today. It is MI5’s job to get in the way of that,” he told the UK’s prominent paper.

He said that Russia has already some intelligence officers in the UK and has been threatening the UK covertly for decades, but “what’s different these days is that there are more and more methods available.”

Moscow is using cyberwarfare to target military secrets, industrial projects, economic information as…

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