Russia fueling ‘unprecedented’ terror threat against UK: MI6 chief

The head of UK’s MI6 spy agency Alex Younger says that Russia is the main contributor to an “unprecedented” terrorism threat Britain currently faces.

In his first public speech since taking office in November 2014, Younger said Thursday that Moscow’s military efforts in coordination with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government against the Daesh (ISIL) terrorists were threatening Britain’s security.

“I believe the Russian conduct in Syria – allied with that of Assad’s discredited regime – will, if they do not change course, provide a tragic example of the perils of forfeiting legitimacy,” he said.

“We cannot be safe from the threats that emanate from that land unless the civil war is brought to an end,” the spymaster said of Syria’s years-long struggle with foreign-backed militant groups.

He made the remarks as the Damascus government has made significant victories in purging Takfiri terrorists from militant-controlled areas…

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