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I write this on my last day in the Bagel, and it sure is a scorcher. Heat and humidity so high the professional beggars on Fifth Avenue have moved closer to the lakes in Central Park. Heat usually calms the passions, but nowadays groupthink pundits are so busy disguising fake news as journalism, you’d think this was election week in November. Here’s one jerk in The New York Times: “In a narrow vote the Supreme Court…” This was the decision that a baker could resist a gay couple’s demands for a cake on religious grounds. The writer, one Adam Liptak (Lipgloss would be more appropriate), did not mention that the vote was 7 to 2. But it was narrow, according to him. Talk about fake news. Perhaps 9 to 0 would also have been narrow.

Mind you, fear and loathing are the order of the day. This week, while having breakfast at a nearby outdoor café with two friends, a pretty girl with a large cast on her leg sat next to us. “I represent Epstein, Epstein & Goldfarb,” I told her. “Did a man have anything to do with your injury? We work closely with the #MeToo movement.” She said no and then moved away. The rest of the place went quiet. A bit like singing “Horst Wessel” in the middle of Moscow in 1943. Americans are running scared shitless of the sisterhood. Gift Card i…

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Which brings me to a point I would like to make. Did any of you see a column by Jan Moir in the Daily Mail last week? (Incidentally, I’m delighted that Geordie Greig got the top job at the paper. He’s a gent and a terrific editor.) It’s about Harvey Weinstein’s accuser in chief Rose McGowan, and the demands that were made by her representatives—demands that would not have been made by, say,…

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