Ron Paul on Business As Usual – Is Trump’s Foreign Policy Just More Bush And Obama?


The last two weeks have been quite a disappointment for those who expected President Trump to make a clear break with the interventionist, warmongering foreign policy of his two immediate predecessors. The Trump Administration threatened Iran several times – including bizarrely putting the country “on notice” – conducted more than 150 drone strikes, launched a disastrous commando raid in Yemen that killed scores of civilians, threatened continued sanctions on Russia over Crimea, and threatened China over the South China Sea. Warmongers seem to be in the driving seat, driving the President toward more, not less, American bombs overseas. Can the President return to his campaign promises? Today on the Ron Paul Liberty Report.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

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  • come-and-take-it

    Trump is Hillary with a comb-over.

    • Sayanim Snark

      Billary, Bush, Obomb-ah! or Trojan Horse Trump… ALL nothing but puppets for the Zionist banker B’nai B’rith kingpins. Until you all start dealing with the Deep State REAL POWER? You’re dunces stuck on the left-right merry-go-round w/ your carnival barker ‘presidents’ serving a foreign agenda- and using American taxpayers as its slush fund, and US troops as its cannon fodder.
      WTFU already!