Roll Up Your Sleeves for Your Shots

If you could read my lips, they don’t follow the above title.  My headline has to pass censorship now that various online news sources say they are burying anti-vaccine posts under pressure from Congress.[1]  Facebook and Pinterest have reportedly blocked searches for vaccination to “stop the spread of misinformation.”  Write anything against vaccines and you will be branded as a wacko who is endangering the lives of virtually everybody.

Yet a careful examination of current vaccine propaganda does not support the idea that widely reported outbreaks of measles correlate with any anti-vaccine programs or even the spread of measles solely by unvaccinated individuals.

Data from the Centers for Disease control reveals cases of measles could just as easily be from incomplete vaccination (no booster shots), what health authorities are calling “vaccine hesitancy,” meaning when people delay second vaccination.

A single dose of the measles vaccine is 93% effective against measles and a second dose increases immunity to 97%.[2]  In other words, of the 52,377,192 vaccinated school children in one large published study, an estimated 1,571,315 would not have developed sufficient antibodies to prevent measles.

It would be 33 times likely that contact with a person who has an active case of measles would spread this infectious disease via contact with vaccinated individuals who never developed immunity following vaccination than by contact with unvaccinated individuals.

NMEs: Non-medical exemptions
Source: Journal American Medical Assn. 282 (1): 47-53, 1999.

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