Roaming Charges: Drone the Outside World

+ The migrant “caravan” from Honduras is composed of people seeking political asylum in the US. This is entirely legal under US and international law. Closing the border and calling out the military against asylum-seekers violates both US and international law. Far from hiding “criminals,” the caravan has exposed one in the Oval Office.

+ Remember when Reagan claimed a caravan of Sandinista “terrorists” was only “two days drive” from Harlingen, Texas? Imagine how much better off the country would have become if that had been real and not fake news…

+ Unlike the Sandinista “terrorist” invasion force, the Honduran Caravan is 1100 miles away from the Texas border. If they average a good 20 miles a day on foot, they will storm across the Rio Grande 55 days from now…

+Trump is threatening to cut all US aid to Central American countries. What a shame that the death squads will be out of funds. Does this also mean that this year’s recruits for the School of the Americas will be taking their classes in torture, coups and assassinations online from Trump University?

+ Why are people fleeing Central America, you ask?

+ How many villages in Central America has this US barged into, taken what it’s corporations wanted–oil, fruit, copper–and left behind nothing but toxic waste pits and graves full of peasants?

+ After having endured, coups, civil war and death squads. Now climate change is driving desperate peasants to migrate from

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