RINF News Boycotts Israeli Companies

A message to Israeli companies waving large checks at us.

Israel is a rogue state that is guilty of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.


Dress it up or spin it however you like, claim that it’s in ‘self defence’ if you must, but the evidence is there – albeit not in a corporate media that rarely lifts the veil beyond carefully worded statements from ‘officials’ speaking on behalf of the political establishment.

The very same political establishment that funds Israel’s genocide. And make no mistake, that’s exactly what it is, genocide.

The pages of history will show how the Nazi regime was nothing compared to the Zionist agenda.

And for this reason RINF News is officially refusing to work with, deal with, or profit from, any Israeli company that pays tax towards the mass murder of innocent lives.

On a daily basis we are approached by Israeli companies, who frequently wave large amounts of money at us. We can never accepted the invitation to work with, or receive funding from them.

As an independent news organisation we are on the verge of collapse, and yet we would rather see this website close down forever, rather than compromise our ethics and take a single penny of Israeli money. (See here how you can keep us alive)

We cannot be bribed, we cannot be bought.

Boycott Israel.