Republican-dominated Congress preparing bills to defund UN

Republicans in the newly-sworn in US Congress are putting together a number of measures to defund the United Nations in retaliation against the global body’s recent resolution against Israeli settlement activities.  

Lawmakers from the House Freedom Caucus are going to discuss the matter at their convention next Monday, BuzzFeed News reported Wednesday.

The right-wing group is expected to choose between decreasing the funding and making it voluntary, requiring Congress to decide its feasibility every two years.

“One is an incremental step, the other is really a herculean leap,” said Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows said.

Calling Israel a “bipartisan issue,” he added that Democrats would join them if the legislation “is measured and appropriate.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz also called for an end to the funding “unless and until the UN reverses this anti-Israel resolution.”

The US government funds over 20 percent of the UN’s annual…

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