Republican, Democratic elite seeking to break Russia up: Analyst

US President Donald Trump is faced with a “widespread opposition” organized by Republican and Democratic “elites” who are upset with his attempts to forge closer ties with Russia, says an American analyst.

Don DeBar, a New York-based political commentator and radio host, told Press TV on Sunday that anti-Trump rallies and other acts of protests against the new president were in fact an angry reaction that Democrats and liberals would have had to the election of any Republican into the White House.

On Saturday, anti-Trump rallies were held in at least 20 US cities, including Atlanta, New York City, New Jersey, Chicago, Phoenix, Washington, Boston, Portland and Los Angeles.

“The bulk of it is essentially Democratic Party voters, who are angry a Republican won, no matter who it would be,” he said, arguing that even former President Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton would have been treated the same way if they were…

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