Report: Swedish Women Prove Their Tolerance by Having Sex With Refugees


“Child” sex partners are actually adult male migrants

Paul Joseph Watson
June 5, 2017


Swedish women are proving their tolerance by having sex with “refugee children” who are actually grown adult men, according to a new report.

A middle-aged woman writing anonymously for the left-wing blog Blankspot revealed how it’s normal practice for volunteers to take “child” migrants into their homes and have intercourse with them.

“From time to time gets to stay the night at my place,” wrote the woman, adding, “Now the sofa doesn’t work anymore, he gets to sleep with me in my bed.”

“I text a friend, “Help, I have to take him in my bed”. “We all do it, don’t worry. That’s how it is, give him intimacy, that’s all you can do”.

Academic Ann Heberlein said that such behaviour is “fully accepted and institutionalized”.

The story is being spun as an abusive act on behalf of the women because the “refugees” are supposedly minors, but as Sweden’s own government-backed study recently concluded, at least 75% of so-called child refugees were proven to be adults after extensive medical tests.

This is not the first report about leftist “refugees welcome” activists and volunteers having sex with migrants (not counting the ones who are raped).

In a related story, another Swedish woman has been exposed as performing lap dances for “child refugees” (migrants in their 20’s and 30’s) and having “intimate relationships with them at an asylum centre in Åmål.

Volunteers working at the Calais migrant camp in France before it was demolished were also accused of having sex with migrants by other charity workers.

A whistleblower who worked at the Calais camp said women were having sex with “boys believed to be under the age of consent,” as well as prostituting themselves out to several different sexual partners every day.

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  • Cranford Ducain

    Pardon me, but is this the same Sweden whose government was so “hot and heavy” after Jullian Assange for having sex with two women. I don’t know all the particulars about either case, but something is not feeling right here.

    • Halford Mackinder

      Assange is a white, gentile, heterosexual man. That’s all you need to know. The (((Powers that Be))) want to wipe white gentiles off the face of the earth.

  • Tom

    It’s called white genocide. Weaponized immigration, with paid refugees…picked up off the northern coast of Africa…then let off in Italy, designed to flood Europe with the intent of destroying the existing cultures. Europe is not going to make it…its too late for them. America still has a chance, but it looks like we will lose California.

    The deep state is warring against the people, are using every weapon they can come up with…weaponized immigration, mongrelization, multiculturalism, diversity…only in white nations….
    to eliminate any competition or threat to their New World Order.

    Democide, genocide, famine, war, terrorism, ISIS, al Qaeda…..are state funded.

    Sweden is committing suicide…suffering from ignorance and Stockholm Syndrome, is a deadly combination.

  • UnderTheBedMonster

    This is NOT going to end well at all. Those women will be murdered, sold into slavery or worse. They need to understand that their behavior is not conducive to the rapefugees behaving normally….just the reverse.

  • furbaby

    I wonder how the Swedish men prove their “tolerance”?