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Is there any way out of the multicultural mess that we’ve gotten ourselves into? Diversity, multiculturalism, and other Leftist euphemisms promoting the idea that different groups of people can – and must – be forced to live and work and socialize and raise families together, has proven to be a failure. The question is no longer “should it continue?” or “can it be fixed?,” but rather “how can the damage be undone?”

Let’s start off by acknowledging that actions have consequences. Decisions made in the past have lasting effects – many of which cannot be undone. We must live with those consequences, fix them where possible, and, hopefully, learn from them.

Before we tackle the question, let’s set some realistic parameters:

  1. It must be practical and workable. There is no magic wand to wave and undo the past.
  2. It must be moral and just. That’s who we are; at least, that’s who my people are.
  3. It must be economically feasible; paying off people with money we don’t have is not.
  4. It must be acceptable to enough of the people to win political support.
  5. Citizens cannot simply be stripped of their citizenship and deported. Maybe they should not have been granted citizenship, but they were, and we have to work with that.

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The damage done to us as a nation cannot be undone. What can be done, however, is restoring and reorienting our society to prevent further damage. The solution is simple. It is not easy, nor is it fast, but it is simple. What is needed is to recognize, and put into place, Freedom of Association. What this means is that every citizen has the right to associate with or not associate with; to do…

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