Radical Chic and the US Military: Together At Last

In Syria, Western leftists ally with Washington’s regime changers

The first time as tragedy, the second as farce – that’s what Karl
Marx had to say
about the woof and warp of history as it repeats sheer folly
in different forms. And that certainly describes the
of many American leftists to the cause of Kurdish nationalism:
it’s the latest
lefty fad
. A recent
in the Village Voice – where else? – depicts the journey
of two “anarcho-communists” as they travel to “Rojava,” the northernmost Syrian
enclave where a curious blend of Murray
-style anarchism and the neo-Marxist blatherings
of Abdullah Ocalan, the jailed leader of the terrorist Kurdish Workers Party,
holds sway.

Hristo and Guy – the former an academic, the latter a working class Irish dude
– are in their twenties: their politics are “anarcho-communist,” that is they
are living walking contradictions who, on the one hand, advocate the abolition
of all government, and on the other hand uphold the economic theories of Karl
Marx, who wanted to establish a “dictatorship of the proletariat.” This duo
is traveling to “Rojava,” where the Kurdish Workers Party – in cooperation with
the US government – has set up what many American leftists imagine to be a “workers”
paradise.” Government is supposedly operative only at the local level, and all
decisions are made by an assembly evenly divided between the sexes: private
property is outlawed. It’s “Occupy Wall Street” transported to the Middle East.

The Village Voice journalist follows them on their hegira, which has
all the earmarks of a cloak-and-dagger drama: they take elaborate security precautions,
such as taking the SIM cards out of their phones so US government agents (who
probably aren’t watching them) can’t turn their devices into microphones. Indeed,
the US government is the least of their problems: Washington is sending millions of dollars in
“aid” to the Kurdish commies, and US Marines – who are fighting alongside the
Kurdish “peshmerga” – have
been photographed
wearing the red star patches of the “Kurdish Protection
Units” (YPG), much to Turkey’s consternation.

Yet none of this bothers these “leftists,” who liken their adventure to that
undertaken by the International Brigades, the
pro-Communist militia of Western leftists who fought in the Spanish Civil War
in the 1930s. The rationale for this ideological self-hypnotism is Ocalan’s
sudden conversion to the doctrines of Bookchin, whose “ecological” variety of
“anarcho-communism” enjoyed a brief vogue during the 1960s. The hippie movement
took up Bookchin, enamored of his support for radical environmentalism, “sustainability,”
and all the rest of the “green” malarkey that has today empowered the…

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