Prison » YouTube Censors Viral Video Criticizing Liberal Who Said White Men Were Bigger Threat Than Islamic Terrorists

Google-owned company openly blacklisting criticism of leftists

Paul Joseph Watson
October 24, 2017


YouTube has sensationally censored a viral video that criticized a liberal comedian for claiming that white men were a bigger threat than Islamic terrorists.

The video, entitled The Dumbest Liberal Ever, had received over 700,000 views before it was hidden behind an interstitial that reads, “The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.”

Users have to be signed in to watch the video, while comments, likes, and views have all been removed.

In the video, I completely debunked, using primary sources and hard data, comedian Josie Long’s claim that the “far-right” and white men in general represented a bigger violent threat than Muslim extremists.

The video contains nothing other than perfectly legitimate criticism of a celebrity and public figure’s opinion. It is now included on a censored list that includes neo-nazi content, Islamic State propaganda and hate speech.

This is precisely what we have warning about since the YouTube “adpocalypse”. In August, I made a video warning that YouTube had sent out a message, “don’t have controversial opinions about anything or you will be punished” and that YouTube has made it, “abundantly clear that it doesn’t support free speech.”

YouTube is now censoring content that debunks the arguments of leftists who run defense for Islam. This is a new level of thought policing.

You can watch the original video below via Twitter.

Back in July, Long announced that she was temporarily leaving Twitter, but not before she aimed a…

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