Prison » YES! Feds to Crack Down on Cities with Taxpayer-Sponsored “Safe Injection Sites”

Louder With Crowder
August 31, 2018

If you thought making drug use more accessible via “safe injection sites” in cities like Seattle and San Francisco was stupider than taking health advice from Tess Holliday, you’re not alone. Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General of the United States, has plans to take on such cities that are using taxpayer money to fund addicts shooting up. Rod Rosenstein penned an OpEd at The New York Times, where he writes:

Unfortunately, some cities and counties are considering sponsoring centers where drug users can abuse dangerous illegal drugs with government help. Advocates euphemistically call them “safe injection sites,” but they are very dangerous and would only make the opioid crisis worse.

Before the diehard libertarians who totally love drugs chime in here, we’re talking about illicit drug use sponsored by the government. So not the same thing as a Saturday night brownie bakeoff with your favorite friend, THC. We’re talking hard drugs, with clean needles given to the addicts courtesy of taxpayers. Many of whom are likely not pleased with their money helping to fund Trainspotting 2: Hiiiiiiiigh!

One obvious problem with injection sites is that they are illegal. It is a federal felony to maintain any location for the purpose of facilitating illicit drug use. Violations are punishable by up to 20 years in prison, hefty fines and forfeiture of the property used in the criminal activity. The law also authorizes the federal government to obtain civil injunctions against violators. Because federal law clearly prohibits injection sites, cities and counties should expect the Department of Justice to meet the opening of any injection site with swift and aggressive action.

In other words, cities like San Francisco and Seattle are in flagrant abuse of federal law. Which means the feds actually can crack down on the pompous cities. San Francisco and…

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