Prison » Vox Wonders if Trump-Russia Collusion Evidence Will Ever Appear

December 29, 2017

Oh Great Pumpkin! Where were you in 2017? You were supposed to bring us evidence of Trump-Russia collusion but you never showed up. Oh well, perhaps we will see you in 2018. Please! Pretty please, Great Pumpkin!

Andrew Prokop of Vox wrote a rather dispirited December 28 article about how no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion has yet appeared despite the mainstream media early this year loudly hyping the reality of such collusion. In fact, it seemed that finding evidence of such collusion was a mere formality since the MSM guaranteed it happened. The only problem is, despite nearly eight months of intense investigations by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team, no such evidence has been uncovered. The result is a rather disheartened and sad article by Prokop in What we learned about Trump, Russia, and collusion in 2017.

We learned there was an enormous effort among the leadership of the FBI to tip the scales in Hillary Clinton’s favor in the 2016 election. Meanwhile let us join poor Andrew as he engages in sad meandering speculations as to why no collusion evidence has yet been found.

…as 2017 winds down, there is still no clear answer to the central question at the heart of the probe: Did Trump’s team collude with the Russian government during the 2016 campaign?

And yet the MSM couldn’t stop hyping the certainty of such collusion earlier this year. It was a slam-dunk that never materialized.

Several Trump advisers have now acknowledged having contacts with people tied to the Russian government during the campaign. And, we now know, at least two of those conversations involved discussion of “dirt” the Russian government claimed to have on Hillary Clinton.

I’m sure the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton in the form of evidence that her campaign paid for the laughably inaccurate Steele Dossier which was most likely used by the FBI as…

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