Prison » ‘Virtually indestructible’ four-legged cheetah robot can walk twice as fast as a human and perform 360-degree backflips

Daily Mail
March 7, 2019

A robot the size of a small dog can perform back-flips with the agility of a champion gymnast. 

The four-legged automaton, dubbed the ‘mini cheetah’, is virtually indestructible, according to its creators.

The robot walks at double the speed of an average person and can easily run over bumpy, uneven terrain.

It has flexible metal limbs that provide stability and the robot can quickly pull itself up with a swing of its ‘elbows’ if it ever falls over.

The mini cheetah was developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology nd each of its legs is powered by three identical, specially designed low-cost electric motors.

It was created with a modular design, which means each of its motors and other components can be swapped out if they fail or sustain damage.

‘If you wanted to add another arm, you could just add three or four more of these modular motors,’ said lead developer Benjamin Katz, a technical associate at MIT’s department of mechanical engineering.

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This article was posted: Thursday, March 7, 2019 at 7:42 am

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