Prison » Trump Supporters Descend On Site of New US Embassy in Jerusalem

Media ignoring outpouring of support for president

Paul Joseph Watson
May 14, 2018


President Trump supporters have descended on the site of the new US embassy in Jerusalem, with some accusing the media of ignoring widespread support for the president.

Images show a custom made bus that says “Trump is a friend of Zion,” along with people wearing MAGA hats, Donald Trump kippahs and t-shirts.

According to reporter Laura Loomer, who is on the scene, media coverage has been focused exclusively on “Palestinian violence in Gaza,” while the outpouring of support for Trump is being ignored.

“I’m not seeing any media report on the many people who are currently on the streets of Jerusalem celebrating & thanking #realDonaldTrump as the Embassy is about to open. The media is confirming their anti-Israel bias,” she tweeted.

Another video shows a 14-year-old Israeli teen with a sign that reads, “Thank you President Trump for making Jerusalem great again.”

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