Prison » ‘Transracial’ Rachel Dolezal Humiliates Her Children in New Documentary Trailer

Louder With Crowder
March 9, 2018

Rachel Dolezal is b(l)ack. And here to steal everyone’s sanity. Our favorite “transracial” lady birthed a new documentary coming soon to Netflix.

As if forcing the world to suffer through her book wasn’t enough already. A documentary crew has been following her around for two years. Hopefully the crew members were on suicide watch. Don’t want one of them attempting to find release from the Twilight Zone that has become their life (see Fake Black Woman, Rachel Dolezal, Returns for Sympathy. And It’s Hysterical…).

Biracial Rachel is breaking all barriers of race, sanity, and good parenting. Her latest publicity stunt is humiliating her children. Yay progress?

There’s no masking the sadness here. No spray tanning how far beyond the pale this is. It appears Rachel’s child (and family) is suffering, yet rather than address their issues in private and try to find a solution, Rachel plops the kid in front of a camera instead. Emotional crisis makes for great television!

Gather round, folks. Take heed. Dolezal is the unfortunate result of progressive culture (see Actually, ‘Trans-Racial’ is Much More Reasonable Than ‘Transgender’). When everyone is free to choose their identities based on how they feel each morning, white skin is the new black skin. Man parts the new lady parts.

Leftists still hate Rachel for appropriation reasons, but this overly bronzed beast is the monster they created.

This article was posted: Friday, March 9, 2018 at 7:24 am

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