Prison » There are more billionaires in the US than in China, Germany and India combined

May 16, 2018

There are now more billionaires in the world than ever before: 2,754. That’s according to The Wealth-X Billionaire Census 2018, which finds that “the billionaire population and their wealth soared to record levels in 2017.”

The United States accounts for 25 percent of the global billionaire population, Wealth-X finds though it’s home to just over 4 percent of the world’s total population. In fact, there are more billionaires in the U.S. (680), than in China, Germany and India combined.

“Buoyed by a robust domestic economy, solid equity gains and the high concentration of wealth-creating technology firms, the U.S. added a net 60 new billionaires, with the collective net worth of the 680-strong population rising to $3.2 trillion,” the research firm reports.

Read on to see the 10 countries with the largest populations of billionaires, and the total wealth held by the billionaire residents.

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