Prison » Swedish Public Broadcaster Censors Word “Islam” From Monologue About Why Saudi Girl Left Islam

Ruthless enforcement of political correctness exposed

Paul Joseph Watson
January 17, 2019


Sweden’s taxpayer-funded public broadcaster censored the world “Islam” from a monologue by refugee Rahaf Mohammad about why she left Islam.

During an interview, SVT omitted the words “Islam” and “haram” from the translation. Haram means “forbidden” in Arabic.

Mohammad used the word while describing how she was locked up for six months and suffered abuse from her family for getting her hair cut short because Islam forbids it.

The edit is major given that Mohammad’s entire plight is based around her rejection of Islam. As an apostate, she is under threat of death if returned to her native Saudi Arabia.

Sweden Democrat politician Kent Ekeroth first drew attention to the omission, accusing the network of state-sponsored censorship. The original English subtitles can briefly be seen behind the overlayed Swedish translation, meaning that the words “Islam” and “haram” were deliberately removed by SVT.

“For a Swedish SVT viewer, it is basically impossible to see the English subtitles that reflect what she actually tells. Instead, you are left to read the Swedish translation that omits most of what she said in that sentence,” he wrote.

The act of censorship was met with derision, with one person updating the network’s logo and name from Sveriges Television to “Stasi Vision TV”.

“It’s like doing away with the word ‘Nazism’ in a report about World War II survivors! Or ‘communism’ in a report about the Soviet Union,” Twitter user Mikael Nilsson remarked.

The ruthless patrolling of politically correct…

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