Prison » Swedish Government Releases Brochure For Migrants Legitimizing Child Marriage

Despite vote in Parliament to stop recognizing child marriage

Paul Joseph Watson
March 29, 2018


Swedish social services have released a brochure aimed at migrants which legitimizes child marriage, despite a vote in Parliament this week to explicitly ban the practice.

The brochure is a guide to “those who are married to children in Sweden” and has caused uproar in the Scandinavian country.

According to commentator the Angry Foreigner, a Bosnian immigrant who lives in Sweden, the brochure acknowledges child marriage but recommends migrants don’t live with or have sex with anyone under the age of 15.

“There’s no threats with prison though, or any info on consequences,” he tweeted, adding, “Ironically migrants would be punished harder for this in their home country. The sentence in Syria is 9 years in prison. In Sweden it’s just welfare.”

Other Swedes contacted Infowars to express their outrage about the brochure.

“In short it says that child brides are more or less OK!” remarked one.

Earlier this week, the Swedish parliament voted to stop recognizing child marriage despite the country’s “feminist” government requesting “exemptions for special cases”.

“We demand a total…

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