Prison » Swedish Church Worships “Gender Fluid” Jesus

Jesus has feminine qualities, claims church official

Kit Daniels
Jan. 2, 2017

Claiming that gender “isn’t determined at birth,” a Swedish church is worshipping a “gender fluid” Jesus.

The Swedish Church in Västerås recently placed a Christmas ad in a local newspaper that used a gender-neutral pronoun (yes, those actually exist in Sweden) to refer to Christ, which prompted a major backlash.

“We didn’t want to assign a gender to Jesus right away at birth,” said church leader Susann Senter in response to critics, translated from Swedish. “Theologically, we’re talking about  Jesus as true God and man.”

“A human is not just ‘he.’”

Well, that’s not according to Jesus’s followers who said he referred to Himself as the Son of God the Father.

But Senter also claimed Jesus has “feminine” qualities.

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“If I’m a little provocative: Most 19th and 20th century depictions of Jesus are quite feminine,” she explained. “He is gentle, has curly hair and is not very physically powerful.”

And, true to her progressive agenda, Senter was proud to announce her church’s “gender equality program.”

“We have set aside two working days for all employees to talk about equal treatment… how we cuddle each other has been one of the topics,” she stated.

The Church of Sweden has similarly encouraged clerics to use “gender neutral” pronouns when referring to God instead of “Lord” or “He,” as I reported in November.

The largest church in the country said it wants to be more “inclusive,” a countrywide trend that began when Swedes started appeasing Muslim migrants.

“Of course, the traditional expressions of Christian faith remain in the new worship book, however, some gender-neutral ways of addressing God have been added in some prayers,” said church official Sofija Pedersen Videke, with emphasis added….

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