Prison » Spanish Populist Party Leader Slams Conservatives Who Keep Caving to Political Correctness

Says “cowardly right start whimpering” at the first sign of criticism

Paul Joseph Watson
January 28, 2019


Leader of the Spanish populist party Vox Santiago Abascal told a packed crowd that conservatives must stop caving to political correctness and stop caring about being called “racist” or “fascist”.

“I don’t care if you’re a progressive or a communist, things are going to get more difficult for you,” said Abascal, adding “You’ve had it easy up to now.”

He then slammed conservatives and centrists for allowing the glib insults of leftists to get to them, noting that the “cowardly right start whimpering” and “the fickle centrists change their opinion” at the first sign of criticism.

The audience responded to the point with enthusiastic applause and cheering.

Abascal went on to savage PC culture, remarking, “The self-righteousness that has imposed the dictatorship of political correctness dominated by progressives” has created an “oppressive era” that made it easy for the left to silence dissenters.

“If you love your country – fascist – have affection for Spain? – fascist – want to defend Spain’s borders, the walls of your home? – xenophobe and fascist – think immigration needs to be controlled in some way? – racist and fascist,” said Abascal.

The Vox leader also outlined the party’s opposition to high income taxes and inheritance tax, complaining that Spaniards who felt the same were also demonized as being “selfish”.

The size of the crowd during Abascal’s speech made…

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