Prison » Socialist Bernie Sanders rejects Guaido as Venezuelan president — refuses to call Maduro a ‘dictator’

American Mirror
February 22, 2019

Sen. Bernie Sanders is even more fringe than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on socialism.

During an interview Tuesday with Univision’s Jorge Ramos, the Vermont socialist lawmaker refused to call on Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro to step down, wouldn’t admit that Maduro’s a dictator, and dodged a question on whether Juan Guaido should be recognized as Venezuela’s leader.

The bizarre segment began when Ramos asked Sanders, who announced last week that he’s running for president, whether he considers National Assembly president Juan Guaido the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

“No. I think what has to happen right now — I think there are serious questions about the recent election. There are many people who feel it was a fraudulent election, and I think the United States has got to work with the international community to make sure that there is a free and fair election in Venezuela,” Sanders said.

Ramos gave Sanders another chance by asking if he believes Maduro is a dictator and if he should step down.

Bernie again refused to speak ill of the socialist dictator.

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“I think clearly he has been very, very abusive. That is a decision of the Venezuelan people, so I think, Jorge, there’s got to be a free and fair election,” Sanders said, again dodging the question.

The United States, most of Latin America, and several other nations have officially recognized Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate leader after years of Maduro oppressing, starving, and harming thousands ofinnocent citizens.

Maduro has refused to step down, but Guaido declared himself the legitimate leader since the country’s constitution states that he can assume power if a president is deemed illegitimate.

Ironically enough, Pelosi has publicly thrown her support behind Guaido as the legitimate leader.

“I support the decision of the National…

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