Prison » Sinema Compared Deaths of U.S. Soldiers to Deaths From Illegal Border Crossings

Free Beacon
October 10, 2018

Representative Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic nominee in the Arizona Senate race, wrote a group email in 2006 in which she drew equivalence between the deaths of people trying to illegally cross the U.S. southern border to American soldiers fighting and dying in Iraq.

Additionally, when detailing her views on immigration in a profile from 2009, Sinema said, “I oppose all of them [immigration laws],” a stance that appears to differ from the policy positions she currently advertises on her campaign website.

Sinema drew the comparison between the deaths of troops to the death of someone attempting an illegal border crossing when addressing a Yahoo! group called “Local to Global Justice.”

To state that immigration is not a war or is not equal in magnitude to war, I believe, dishonors those who have died in this country and others as migrants. I volunteer with a group called No Mas Muertes—No More Deaths—and I cannot explain to you the pain that I suffered one hot day last July as I scoured the desert along with scores of others for the bodies of those who have died tortuous and painful deaths in our desert … Death is death, and to rank one form of death as being somehow more important than other death [sic] does us no good as humans. The deaths that people suffer in the Mexico-Arizona desert are the same as the deaths that people suffer in the Iraq desert—they are needless, senseless deaths.

Sinema’s post was dated April 4, 2006, the same day that an Iraqi court charged Saddam Hussein and six other defendants with attempted genocide in 1988 using illegal chemical weapons against the Kurdish population in the northern area of the country. The Bush administration cited the genocide, believed to have killed between 50,000 to 100,000, as one of the justifications for the sacrifice of American lives and treasure in Iraq.

“This should be the final…

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