Prison » Sanders gets testy on ‘The View’ — demands to talk about ‘climate change’ when confronted about his behavior

American Mirror
March 2, 2019

“Climate change” is the new strategy for Democrats to dodge serious issues.

Sen. Bernie Sanders made an appearance Friday on ABC’s “The View” to discuss his 2020 presidential campaign and the policies he will support.

But one of the most notable exchanges came when co-host Meghan McCain asked the Vermont socialist about reports that he was “unbelievably abusive” to his own staff.

Sanders, who was visibly rattled by the question, dodged and argued that we should be talking about climate change.

“Des Moines Register asked you questions about it as well,” McCain said.

“But there wasn’t one person with their name on it. I have been in public life for 30 years and I’ve had hundreds of employees and I think the vast majority of employees will tell you that they enjoyed working with me, they were proud of what we’ve accomplished together,” sanders began.

He then argued that reports that he was abusive to his staff weren’t relevant, and that we should instead discuss climate change.

“This, unfortunately — and I know Amy very well and I think these — you know, this is what media does,” Sanders said.

“We should be talking about the major issues facing our country. We should be talking about climate change and the future of the planet,” he added.

Sanders also dismissed critics who say Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist Green New Deal is too extreme and unrealistic.

“Does the Green New Deal go too far?” Sunny Hostin asked.

“No. You cannot go too far on the issue of climate change. The future of the planet is at stake, OK? … According to…

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