Prison » Pelosi gushes over ‘raging millennial’ Castro, says Obama got ‘climate’ advice from Cuba

American Mirror
September 19, 2018

Nancy Pelosi thinks the seriousness with which China and Cuba are supposedly tackling “climate change” is just great.

Never mind it may just be the communists’ way to stifle their capitalist rivals.

During a speech last week at the University of San Francisco during the Global Climate Summit conference, the House Minority Leader — and presumptive House Speaker in 2019, according to the mainstream media — praised the two communist countries for their support of Democrat efforts to curb “climate change.”

“I went to a state dinner with President Obama in Havana when he was in Havana,” Pelosi said last week.

“And a year before I had taken a delegation there, and we spent a lot of time on climate. So when we’re sitting at the dinner, I said to President Obama, ‘The foreign minister is an expert on climate. Perhaps you’d like to have him share some of his ideas.’

“Before I could finish my sentence, Raul Castro — that raging millennial — chimed in, this man, he said, ‘Climate change, that’s the biggest issue for us,’” Pelosi recalled.

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“‘The rising sea level, the ferocity of the hurricanes, we have to have change,’” Pelosi said Castro told Obama.

“The recognition at long last what fuels we use on the ground, heat on the ground, increasing the ferocity of the storms,” Science Professor Pelosi lectured the audience.

“Doing much more damage,” she continued. “And why? Why do we keep doing this? Why don’t we see the relationship.”

Pelosi suggested kids know more than their parents when it comes to the issue.

“The hope of it all are the young people because no matter what the political leanings of their parents, they know better about what is at stake in all of this,” she said.

The Cubans weren’t the only communists Pelosi praised.

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