Prison » NY Times Page One Prods Dems to Abandon Current ‘High Road,’ Get Dirty Like GOP

October 14, 2018

Reporter Matt Flegenheimer prodded the Democratic party to abandon a moral high ground he is deluded into thinking the party currently holds, in “Democrats Debate if High Road in Politics Is Leading Anywhere – Party of ‘We Go High’ Is Just Getting Angry,” on the front of Saturday’s New York Times. As if the Democrats haven’t been in full angry mode for years, culminating in aggressive protests and actual violence committed against congressional Republicans, and then the anti-Kavanaugh mobs.

In 2016, Michelle Obama’s words became the Democrats’ defining creed to counter Donald J. Trump’s battering ram of a presidential campaign: “When they go low, we go high.”

Two years later, the appeal of “high” seems low.


Few but Mrs. Obama seemed inclined to defend the original refrain. “Fear,” Mrs. Obama told NBC on Thursday, “is not a proper motivator. Hope wins out.”

But for many Democrats, it does not seem to be winning out, at least for now.

It is one thing for Mr. Avenatti, the telegenic anti-Trump id, to seize this kind of rhetorical real estate. But increasingly, much of the Democratic establishment seems to be marching that way, too, channeling the righteous anger of the progressive base.

Going high, these Democrats say, got them minority status across the federal government. Going high got them a president accused of sexual assault, installing a Supreme Court justice accused of sexual assault (both deny it).

Is Bill Clinton’s sordid sexual history that easily forgotten? The party certainly didn’t seem to mind it when he won two terms.

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This article was posted: Sunday, October 14, 2018 at 5:40 am