Prison » NY Democrat Senate Candidate Wishes She Could “Drag Opponent By The Hair”

Louder With Crowder
August 3, 2018

Normally it would be shocking, or maybe it’s “shocking” to hear that a Senate candidate said they want to drag their opponent by the hair. We are living in the age of “binders full of women” scandals. Then you learn the utterer is a New York Democrat Senate candidate. That’s just leftism for you.

Democratic challenger Jasmine Robinson made the startling remarks during a fundraiser in the Meatpacking District on Tuesday night, hosted by City Council Speaker Corey Johnson.

“I grew up in the boogie-down Bronx,” said Robinson, standing next to Johnson on the staircase at the Brass Monkey restaurant.

She then discussed what they did with bullies like Savino.

“We take them, grab them by the hair real good and drag them,” she said to hoots and applause as a surprised and smiling Johnson looked on.

“But I can’t put my hands on her like I want to,” added Robinson, according to a video of her speech that is posted on the NO IDC NY Facebook page.

The video seems to have disappeared from the book of faces.

Unhinged leftists resorting to violence is like feminists hitting the Krispy Kreme. It’s just Thursday (see Rand Paul Was Assaulted in His Home. And It’s Worse Than We Thought… and Net Neutrality Supporter Sends Death Threats to Republican Congressman). What makes Robinson’s case different: we’re still in the primary. The threat was made against Democrat State Senate candidate Diane Savino. Who is moderate. Or at least what passes as a moderate by New York standards. Because Savino only votes with Democrats 80% or so of the time, she needs to be dragged by her hair like United did to David Dao.

Had a tea partier said “drag her by the hair,” the left would malign all Republicans. But because Robinson is a Democrat from New York City, it’s really just par for the course. Nothing to see here, move along.


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