Prison » No more integration? French Education Minister wants Arabic taught at schools

Voice Of Europe
September 13th 2018

It seems incredible that, just as Europe’s cultures are at risk of being obliterated within a few decades by a massive influx of Northern Africans, the Minister of Education in France appears keen on accelerating that cultural devastation.

In an interview on Monday with BFMTV, Mr Jean-Michel Blanquer suggested France requires a “qualitative approach” to insert the “prestigious Arabic language, one of the most important in civilization” into public schools.

This comes after the Minister for Education was urged to read the Institut Montaigne’s report entitled “The Islamist Factory,” with the idea being that teaching Arabic at schools would weaken the influence of radicalised mosques on French Muslim youths.

The Minister went on to say “Arabic is a wonderful literary language that should be learnt by all, not just those with a Muslim background.”

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This article was posted: Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 6:02 am

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