Prison » New York Times Lobbies Facebook to Shut Down Private Infowars Fan Page

Corporate media now wants to control what individual citizens can post online

Paul Joseph Watson
September 4, 2018


Not content with Infowars and Alex Jones having been banned on nearly every major social media platform, the New York Times is now lobbying Facebook to delete a private Infowars fan page.

In an article entitled Facebook’s Private Groups Offer Refuge to Fringe Figures, the NY Times’ Kevin Roose reveals how “a private Infowars Facebook group with more than 110,000 members” has “survived the crackdown”.

Roose goes on to accuse the group’s users of posting “the sort of content — hateful attacks against Muslims, transgender people and other vulnerable groups — that got Mr. Jones suspended,” while providing zero examples of such content or defining what constitutes “hate”.

He then admits that he is personally lobbying Facebook to have the page shut down.

“After The Times sent screenshots to Facebook of activity taking place inside these groups, Facebook removed several comments, saying they violated the company’s policies on hate speech. The groups themselves, however, remain active,” he writes.

In other words, the New York Times is devoting its vast resources to pressure Facebook into deleting private, closed Facebook groups run by individuals.


The fan page was not created by Infowars and is moderated by individual Facebook users. Most of the content posted on the page does not even link to Infowars.

This takes online censorship to a new level that we’ve never seen before; Corporate media outlets are now trying to control what individual citizens can post on social media websites.

That’s chilling.

The NY Times’ lobbying effort, an abuse of its platform which is solely intended to shut down its competition, mirrors precisely the tactic used by CNN to pressure Big Tech to ban Infowars last month.

Back in February, CNN’s…

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