Prison » Netflix Gives Cowboy Bebop The Wokeness Treatment, Report Suggests

Chris Menahan
Information Liberation
December 7, 2018

Netflix’s live action remake of the popular Japanese anime Cowboy Bebop will feature a “diverse” cast fighting against anti-refugee bigots on behalf of the Rothschilds with guns that “shoot black holes,” a new report suggests.

From Splash Report, “Exclusive: Story Details On Netflix’s COWBOY BEBOP [Spoilers]”:

We begin on what is almost a beat-for-beat recreation of the Cowboy Bebop movie cold open, but with a twist. Instead of a grocery store, this scene takes place on a casino— a SPACE casino. This is the equivalent of the space casino scenes in the ‘Honky Tonk Women’ episode of the anime. Regardless, the scene is almost identical to the movie’s opening, down to the ICONIC line that Spike utters at the end… chills. They also introduce some political subtext here about refugees, though I don’t believe they went far enough with it to be meaningful. Anyway, this scene familiarizes us with one of the bounties that Spike and Jet are after—Tanaka. Tanaka is a “wannabe preacher with a gun” that hates refugees and used to work in a casino. Well, I should say he WAS all that… before Spike and Jet demolished him and his operation. This scene also showcases some cool new gadgets that weren’t shown in the anime, including a gun that shoots black holes. Yup, black holes.

Tonally, the show feels like the anime, but with a bit more swearing. In the anime, they do swear, but not to the same level that they do in this show. There are full on f-bombs left and right. […] They also bumped up the violence quite a bit; there is now some gore. […]

Okay, I am going to say something that I know a lot of you are going to be angry at, but just put your pitchforks down for a sec and listen. Jet Black in this show is black. […]

[…] The rest of the pilot plays similarly to the first episode of the anime, ‘Asteroid…

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