Prison » MSNBC Wants the FBI to Investigate Kavanaugh Being Rude to US Senators

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October 3, 2018

Tim Russert has to be rolling in his grave over what a f***ing disgrace NBC News has become. Anyone who thinks it’s rude of me to say that, just press play. And remember… Andrea Mitchell is one of their “serious” journalists. Let that sink in.

The issues are only the initial allegation from Dr. Ford.

Which is all the extra week of investigations was supposed to be for: vetting a likely liar. Read also Rachel Mitchell’s Memo on Dr. Ford’s Credibility Released.

But then Andrea Mitchell continues on with her listicle, adding the FBI shouldn’t limit its investigation, but should maybe expand to investigate Kavanaugh for:

Not lying. Not drinking. Not whether he was rude or showed belligerence to Senators.

Being rude or showing belligerence to senators. Andrea wants the FBI to dig into that.

This is the same network that spread unconfirmed allegations about Kavanaugh right after saying “we were unable to independently verify this ourselves. But it’s anti-Kavanaugh and we have no self-respect.”

We’re at a point where Trump is right, this is bigger than the Supreme Court. The next time Trump says the press is “the enemy,” it’s going to be next to impossible to disagree with him.

This article was posted: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 6:06 am

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