Prison » More than 56 per cent of crimes in German town are committed by asylum seekers

Voice OF Europe
May 4, 2018

Regional police statistics show that 56.9 per cent of crime in the German town Sigmaringen was committed by asylum seekers last year. The figures reflect ‘real crimes’ as offences of breaking migration laws were excluded, newspaper Schwäbische reports. 

Crime, especially drug-related crimes (+69.6%) and shoplifting (+44.8%), has risen sharply due to migrant criminality. But other more serious crimes increased significantly, as well, such as street crimes (+33.5%), assault (+39.5%) and sexual offences (+14.7%).

Therefore the region’s Ministry of the Interior has now developed a security plan for Sigmaringen, a special group of investigators. The group recently arrested 21 multiple offenders among the asylum seekers.

The massive public consumption of alcohol by some asylum seekers, especially at the station, angers the local residents. As a result, Mayor Schärer has called for compulsory prevention courses for asylum seekers who have repeatedly been apprehended for alcohol abuse.

But according to the mayor there are limits as well: “We have prevention courses. But an asylum seeker cannot be forced to do this anymore than a citizen of Sigmaringen. They are not internees here.”

This article was posted: Friday, May 4, 2018 at 6:36 am

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