Prison » Media Sides With Acosta After Physical Confrontation With Female White House Staffer

Imagine if the roles were reversed

Paul Joseph Watson
November 7, 2018


The establishment media instantly sided with CNN activist in chief Jim Acosta after he became involved in a brief physical confrontation with a female White House staffer during today’s Trump press conference.

Acosta once again tried to make himself the center of attention with a series of rants directed at Trump that were dressed up as questions.

When Trump attempted to move on, Acosta refused to give up the platform.

A female White House aide whose job it is to hand the microphone to journalists then walked up to Acosta in a bid to retrieve it.

The two then engaged in a brief physical confrontation, with Acosta wrestling back control of the mic.

NBC News reported the incident as follows;

“White House aide grabs and tries to physically remove a microphone from CNN Correspondent Jim Acosta during a contentious exchange with President Trump at a news conference.”

“This doesn’t describe what happened properly at all. It was her job to move the mic to the next person and he wouldn’t surrender it,” responded John Podhoretz.

Imagine this had happened under Obama with the journalist being a conservative. The media would have undoubtedly reported the man as the aggressor.

One wonders whether or not Acosta would have tried to wrestle this woman if she’d been more insistent in trying to retrieve the microphone.

And how would the media…

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