Prison » Man Who Sent White Powder to Donald Trump Jr. is a Far-Left Gun Control Advocate

Facebook page shows support for “the resistance” & numerous other left wing causes

Paul Joseph Watson
March 1, 2018


The Massachusetts man charged with sending a threatening letter filled with white powder to Donald Trump Jr. that sent his wife to the hospital is a far-left gun control advocate who has supported numerous anti-Trump political causes.

24-year-old Daniel Frisiello was arrested after a federal investigation traced the unsigned letters to him as a result of Frisiello also ordering a “glitter bomb” for one of the intended recipients using his own name.

“You are an awful, awful person. I am surprised that your father lets you speak on TV,” Frisiello wrote in the letter addressed to Trump Jr.

It also said: “You the family idiot. Eric looks smart. This is the reason why people hate you. You are getting what you deserve. So shut the f*** up.”

A cursory scan of Frisiello’s Facebook page confirms him to be a gun control advocate who has endorsed and supported numerous anti-Trump political causes and campaigns.

Numerous posts over the last two weeks by Frisiello expressed support for the Parkland students who have been given platforms by the mainstream media to advocate for Second Amendment restrictions.



“Oh how karmas a bitch!” wrote Frisiello in response to companies ending their relationship with the NRA over the Parkland shooting. He also donated to the anti-gun March For Life which is set to take place later this month.


“Oh how I laughed! Karmas a bitch when you get money from the NRA!” wrote Frisiello in response to Senator Marco Rubio being confronted during last week’s CNN town hall.


Frisiello’s “likes” include numerous anti-Trump campaigns as well as pages such as “CNN Heroes,” MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and COngressman Adam Schiff.

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