Prison » Liberal Activist Calls For Steve King to Be Removed From Office For Sharing NPC Meme

Chris Menahan
Information Liberation
February 11, 2019

They’re coming for our memes.

Liberal activist Travis Akers on Friday called for Republican Rep. Steve King to be banned from office for sharing an NPC meme on Facebook after Trump’s State of the Union.

“Rep. Steve King shared this meme on Facebook following the State of the Union address,” Akers said. “Removing him from all committees was not enough. He must be removed from office, immediately. Racism and bigotry shall not be tolerated!”

He stated plainly he has no sense of humor:

This is what an NPC short circuiting in real time looks like.

In case you were wondering, they’re not joking:

Call the cops!

Buzzfeed called for this boomer meme to be banned just one day before:

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