Prison » Leftists Worried That Rand Paul Has Become Trump’s Foreign Policy Advisor

“Welcome to the world of President Rand Paul”

Steve Watson
January 2, 2019

Leftists in the mainstream media and deranged detractors in general are worried that Senator Rand Paul, who has a staunch anti-war constitution, has become President Trump’s senior advisor on foreign policy.

Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin declared a “Welcome to the world of President Rand Paul,” in a piece that slammed Trump for paying too much attention to Paul’s worldview.

“Several U.S. officials and people who have spoken directly to Trump since his Syria decision tell me they believe that Paul’s frequent phone conversations with Trump, wholly outside the policy process, are having an outsize influence on the president’s recent foreign policy decisions,” a worried Rogin writes.

“Officials told me that, throughout the national security bureaucracy, everyone is aware that Paul’s voice is one to which the president is paying increasing attention.” the writer adds.

How frightening. Trump is listening to perhaps the only person in Washington who isn’t thirsty for more illegal and wasteful war in the Middle East.

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