Prison » Lawyer Says Polls Are Wrong, Bets $130,000 on Republicans Winning House

Robert Barnes: Polling firms still producing dodgy results to satisfy partisan media outlets

Paul Joseph Watson
November 5, 2018


A big time gambler who won on Brexit and Trump is so confident that the polls are wrong and that Republicans will maintain control of the House that he has traveled to London to bet $130,000 on the outcome.

Trial lawyer Robert Barnes’ wager that the GOP will retain Congress is relatively large given that “the entire U.S. primaries betting market is in the single millions in the U.K. and Ireland,” according to Bloomberg.

UK bookies Ladbrokes even tweeted out a picture of Barnes to mark the occasion.

Barnes stands to win an additional £50,000 on top of his £100,000 stake on odds of around 3/2, with the lawyer saying that he is as confident of winning as when he bet big on Brexit and Trump, both outcomes which the polls said would never happen. He’s also placed a separate bet on Republicans expanding their majority in the Senate.

Barnes, who boasts of his “high-profile wins for clients in civil, criminal and constitutional law,” told Bloomberg that pollsters are still using flawed methodologies because they have an incentive to produce the results partisan media outlets want to hear.

“There are systemic issues with polling post-2012,” Barnes told Bloomberg. “A low response rate, reliance on self-selected polls with inadequate sampling of older, rural, blue-collar voters.”

As we reported earlier, while virtually every poll suggests Democrats are likely to win the House, with CNN putting Dems ahead by a whopping 13 points, a Rasmussen survey surprisingly placed Republicans ahead by a single point.


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