Prison » Jacksonville Madden Shooter Criticized ‘Trumptards’ On Reddit

Chris Menahan
Information Liberation
August 27, 2018


Jacksonville mass shooter David Katz, 24, was a Redditor who hated Trump supporters and mocked “mericans” as “retarded.”

“You trumptards seriously can never stop amazing everyone with how mentally challenged you guys are,” Katz wrote late last year on the Pro-Donald Trump r/The_Donald subreddit under the name “ravenchamps.”

Katz also said, “mericans are retarded.”

Liberal Redditors should not be allowed to own firearms. This is common sense.

A verbal altercation was heard breaking out during the tournament the day before the shooting, it’s not clear if it was in anyway related:

The shooting occurred in a “gun-free zone”:

Leftists immediately tried to politicize the deaths (after spending all last week saying deaths should never be politicized):

Here’s more on the story from the Times of Israel:

Two people were killed and 11 others wounded Sunday when a video game tournament competitor went on a shooting rampage before turning the gun on himself in the northern Florida city of Jacksonville, local police said.

Sheriff Mike Williams named the suspect of the shooting at a Madden 19 American football eSports tournament as 24-year-old…

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